Nov 05 2014

OW2con'14: XLcloud 3D rendering in the cloud

XLcloud Use Cases Video @ OW2con'14 Philippe Gravez, CEA, Marius Preda, Institut Telecom.
November 5-6, Orange Labs, Issy les Moulineaux.
This presentation introduces first the interventional radiology use case. The simulator, developed by CEA and Esprimed, allows medical staff to prepare or replay an intervention in a 3D interactive environment. The second use case will be based on cloud gaming and 3D visualization.

Jul 30 2014

XLcloud Use Case - Cloud Gaming

Check out the video: XLcloud Cloud Gaming Doom 3.
A demonstration of the Doom 3 BFG edition played in the cloud, from the browser. We show both single and multiplayer session. The user experiences no interaction latency and fluid game visual effects. The game runs entirely on a node of the Virtual Cluster. The demo is live at

Feb 27 2014

Screencast: A real 3D application running into a GPU-accelerated instance!

XLcloud Screencast, Guillaume Thouvenin, Bull.
Discover the bootstrap of an instance in devstack that has a GPU attached to it. From within the instance, I run an OpenGL benchmark called Heaven from Unigine. The screencast shows that the GPU load is for real thanks to a Ganglia monitoring dashboard. The software at work in this demo is comprised of the NVIDIA GPU GRID driver, TurboVNC, VirtualGL, the Unigine benchmark and Ganglia to visualize the ongoing workload.

Nov 18 2013

Presentation at OW2con'13: Provisioning the Cloud within XLcloud

XLcloud presentation at OW2con'13 Sylvain Bauza, Bull.
XLcloud strives to establish the demonstration of a HPCC platform based on OpenStack that is designed to run a representative set of compute intensive workloads including more specifically interactive games, interactive simulations and 3D graphic applications. In this context, provisioning a full stack from baremetal nodes to running PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) implies many challenges that XLCloud team has to deal with day-to-day.

Nov 30 2012

OW2con'12: Remote rendering for games and 3D graphic applications in the cloud.

XLcloud presentation at OW2con'12 Patrick Petit, Bull and Marius Preda, Telecom Sud Paris..
The XLcloud project proposes a cutting-edge high performance cloud computing environment that enables low-latency remote rendering of 3D and complex 2D applications such as online gaming, cultural artifacts visualization and virtual body inspection in the cloud.
Many people refer to cloud computing as managing virtual machines that run on top of an hypervisor. However, in certain circumstances, using virtualization is not desirable when applications have stringent performance requirements or need access to devices that are not supported by hypervisors like GPUs for example.
However, it is still very convenient to utilize the features of a IaaS cloud such as instance management and image management for use cases that require the automated provisioning of a collection of cloud resources...

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