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    High Performance Cloud Computing Platform

     • OpenStack-based cloud for HPC applications
    • HPC-as-a-Service for data intensive workloads

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    Who is XLcloud designed for?

     • Online 3D imaging interaction for medical use
    • 3D Video streaming, Online gaming, etc.

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    Discover XLcloud Management Service (XMS)

     • Collaborative design of HPCC applications
    • Introduces PaaS capabilities to OpenStack

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    Join the XLcloud Community

     • Open source project, open community
    • Expert contributors

XLcloud: Design, Develop and Integrate The Software Elements of a High Performance Cloud Computing (HPCC) infrastructure

The XLcloud project develops an HPCC platform based on OpenStack, that is designed to run a representative set of compute intensive workloads, including more specifically interactive games, interactive simulations and 3D graphics. The goal is to allow partners of the project to take a leading position in the market as HPCC service providers or as technology providers.

The project encompasses several subject domains:
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) enabler on top of OpenStack for automated applications life-cycle management
  • OpenStack as a High Performance Cloud Computing (HPCC) infrastructure
  • Accelerated 3D remote rendering middleware for interactive simulation and remote visualization applications
  • Energy efficiency aware architecture
  • SAML2 and OAuth2 authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) aware architecture
Latest News

Dec 04 2014

4th IEEE SustainCom Conference 2014

Nov 03 2014

XLcloud Public Launch at OpenStack Summit & OW2con'14, November 5, Paris

Nov 05 2014

Public launch & quotes from partners

Jun 02 2014

XLcloud Management Service version 1.0.0 released!

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