Every few months an interview with one of the prominent leaders of the XLcloud project, discussing in greater depth the 'how' and 'why' of this fascinating project, will be published here.

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Current interviews

November 2014


The Inria contribution to this project helped to reduce the power consumption of HPC datacenters without performance degradation

Laurent Lefevre, Research Engineer, Inria and Fran├žois Rossigneux, Engineer, Inria 

June 2014


"The key innovative technology is the integration of GPU virtualization on top of the  OpenStack platform in a management system called XMS (XLcloud Management System)."

Jean-Pierre Dion, R&D Engineer, Bull and XLcloud project leader.  

August 2013


"The XLcloud platform requires special efforts to build an homogeneous solution and an everyday technology watch to spur innovation and collaboration in the HPC marketplace."

Jean Parpaillon, Cloud computing projects manager at Silkan, builder of high performance simulation solutions supporting the whole life cycle of complex systems.

June 2012


"By making High Performance Computing clusters user-friendly and affordable to small and medium enterprises, the XLcloud platform will spur innovation and collaboration in the HPC marketplace."

Patrick Petit, Cloud Computing Lead Architect for BULL SAS, Echirolles (France), MBA (Grenoble Graduate School of Business), BS Computer Science (Paris VIII University).

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