XLcloud Public Launch at OpenStack Summit, November 2014

The XLcloud High Performance Cloud Computing Platform Demonstrated for the First Time at OpenStack Summit

OW2 launches XLcloud, an OpenStack-based cloud for HPC applications

OpenStack Summit, Paris, November 3th , 2014 – OW2, the global open source infrastructure software community launches today at OpenStack Summit in Paris the XLcloud project.  

The XLcloud project strives to establish the demonstration of a High Performance Cloud Computing (HPCC) platform based on OpenStack, that is designed to run a representative set of compute intensive workloads, including interactive games, interactive simulations and 3D graphics. The project is developing five use cases that together provide a demonstration of XLcloud's extensive capabilities: 

  • Human Body Visualisation
  • MFIC (Computational Fluid Dynamics, e.g. simulation of smoke propagation)
  • Cloud Gaming & Industry of 3D video games
  • Compute plants (HPC Clouds Research & Industry)
  • Interventional Radiology

The demonstrations given during the OpenStack Summit include: 

- Video gaming: In this demonstration, the Doom 3 BFG edition is played in the cloud, from the browser. It shows both single and multiplayer session. The user experiences no interaction latency and fluid game visual effects. The game runs entirely on a node of the Virtual Cluster. 

- Interventional radiology use case: The goal of the use case is to show that the XLCLoud platform can be used to leverage an application requiring both interaction and high performance computing. This simulator, developed by CEA and Esprimed, allows medical staff to prepare or replay an intervention in a 3D interactive environment while having the benefit of precise estimation of the dose they are exposed to through a 3D Monte Carlo simulation optimized in order to provide results in interactive time.

XLcloud will be presented at the OpenStack Summit during the OW2con'14 Open Cloud Day, on Wednesday November 5, room 124 and on the OW2 booth in the exhibition hall (booth #E41, November 3 - 5).   

About XLcloud
XLcloud develops an open software engineering platform for the collaborative development of HPCC applications. This infrastructure will be made available through a portal and cloud APIs “HPC-as-a-Service” (HaaS). Started in 2012, XLcloud is a three-year long collaborative project funded by the French FSN (Fonds national pour la Société Numérique) programme. XLcloud relies on a consortium of 8 partners bringing together industry and academic leaders, innovative technology start-ups and open source community expertise: Ateme, Bull (and its affiliates AMG and Serviware), EISTI, CEA-List, Inria, Institut Mines Telecom, OW2, Silkan and is coordinated by Bull. More at www.xlcloud.org. 

About OW2
OW2 is an independent industry community dedicated to developing open source code infrastructure (middleware and  generic applications) and to fostering a vibrant community and business ecosystem. The OW2 Consortium hosts some one hundred  technology projects, including ASM, Bonita, CLIF, CompatibleOne, CONTRAIL, Emerginov, eXoPlatorm, DocDoku, JOnAS, JORAM,  Nanoko, Petals ESB, OpenCloudware, ProActive, Sirocco, Spagic, SpagoBI, Talend Open Studio, WebLab, XLcloud and XWiki.  More at www.ow2.org. 

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