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They support XLcloud: the word from XLcloud partners

Bullsmall2.png “The XLcloud project is a means for the Bull company to demonstrate the efficiency of a High Performance Cloud Computing PaaS  based on OpenStack for various use cases (interactive games, interactive simulations, 3D graphics). Bull brings the HPCC platform. The use cases with their applications are brought by the partners of the project. The efficient collaboration between all them has led this project to success”, Jean-Pierre Dion, Bull, ATOS, HPC Software Product Manager, Xlcloud Project Leader. 

CEA_100.jpg “CEA List is developing simulation software making use of interactive digital mock-ups for training applications, accessibility and human factor studies in the industry. The XL-Cloud project is a remarkable opportunity for us to progress in two directions : (1) ease of deployment of highly interactive 3D applications and (2) increased computing power availability, especially for simulation software dedicated to SMEs. In the project, CEA-List manages two use cases : interventional radiology training (objective 1, in cooperation with the Esprimed company) and Computing Fluid Dynamics (objective 2, with Silkan)”, Philippe Gravez, Project Leader, CEA List. 

INRIA-new-small.jpg“Inria contributed to the XLcloud project by providing its expertise in Energy efficiency : reducing the energy consumption allows the HPC as a service approach to be more efficient, more affordable, and more eco-friendly. Inria developed a framework for measuring the energy consumption of compute nodes, worked on scheduling algorithms, and provided a resource reservation service to optimize the virtualized platforms usage”, François Rossigneux,  Research Engineer, Inria. 

ateme2.jpg“ATEME participated to the XLCloud project by providing its understanding and knowledge of real-time video compression. The involvement of ATEME in the project is the design and implementation of a video encoder H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC very low latency to optimize visualization data transfer from the Cloud. This new encoder generation can encode video with less than 40ms latency to provide  high interactivity and increased quality of experience and immersion for the user”, Jérôme VIERON, Advanced Research Manager, ATEME. 

INSTITUT-MINES-TELECOM_Logo_web.gif“Institut Mines-Telecom (IMT) contributed to the XLCloud project by providing its expertise in video compression optimization for synthetic scene by injecting information in the encoder from the 3D renderer and in content adaptation by exploiting transmission statistics. IMT developed a Remote Rendering platform deployed on a Cloud infrastructure, validated several uses cases (cloud gaming, complex 3D objects visualization…) and proposed subjective and objective quality metrics. Additionally, IMT made available the cloud infrastructure and led the work of cloud optimization for interactive applications,” Marius Preda, Associate Professor, Institut Mines Telecom.

EISTI2.png“The EISTI brought to this project its business expertise on ERP and billing by the development of an OpenERP module allowing companies to build their commercial offers as they wish. It then allows them to schedule billing taking into account many components issued by the computing cluster (from memory usage, storage space, computation units, to the power consumption of servers) based on their policy.”, Jocelyn Madray, Project Manager, EISTI. 

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