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Dec 04 2014

4th IEEE SustainCom Conference 2014

XLcloud at the 4th IEEE International Conference on Sustainable Computing and Communications, December 3-5, 2014, Sydney, Australia. See more ...


Nov 03 2014

XLcloud Public Launch at OpenStack Summit & OW2con'14, November 5, Paris

OS.png XLcloud team was proud to present its project through a large audience during the first Paris OpenStack Summit, November 3-6, 2014.  ...

Jun 01 2014

XLcloud at SC2014, Nov 17-20, New Orleans

SC14.jpg SuperComputing 2014, New Orleans.

XLcloud will be showcased and demonstrated in the Inria's booth.  ...

Apr 09 2014

Cloud Computing World Expo, April 9-10, 2014, Paris

logo-OpenCloudForum.gif Cloud Computing World Expo, Paris. XLcloud project is represented on the OW2 community booth, and in the OW2 Open Cloud Forum conference, on April 9 afternoon.

Mar 24 2014

ICEIS 2014, Lisbon, Portugal


XLcloud Paper "Video Stream Transmodality" presented.

Nov 15 2013

XLcloud on the Inria booth @ SC13, Nov. 18 – 21, Denver, CO

SC13 Visit Inria at SC13 in Denver, CO, booth 2116, and check the posters presenting Inria’s achievement in High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis.

XLcloud will be there with a poster, presentations and demos.

Nov 12 2013

OW2con'13, November 12-14, Paris, France

buttonOW2con13Square.png XLcloud presented to the OW2 open source community at OW2con'2013 in the Open Cloud conference track. ...

Oct 03 2013

Open World Forum, October 3-5, 2013, Paris

OWF.pngOpen World Forum
October 3-5
2013, Paris.
XLcloud presented at Open World Forum 2013 by Simon Pasquier. ...

Apr 10 2013

Cloud Computing World Conference, April 10-11, 2013, Paris

logo-cloud.png Come and visit Xlcloud on the OW2 booth at Cloud Computing World Expo in Paris! ...

Open Cloud Workshop, April 10, Paris

LogoCloud_OpenSource_160.jpg XLcloud project successfully presented in the Open Cloud Workshop! ...

Feb 04 2013

Final User Stories Review for M3

What : Final User Stories Review for M3

Tuesday, 05 Feb 2013, from 2pm to 3pm

Phone number : +33 1 72 80 78 74

Dec 10 2012

OW2con'12 Annual Conference 2012, November 27-29, 2012, Orange Labs, Issy Les Moulineaux, Paris.

XLcloud presented to the OW2 open source community at OW2con'12, in the "Open Cloud" conference track.  ...

Sep 11 2012

Milestone Two: Kick-off Meeting

Two-day working session in Paris to define what we'd like to achieve and how in Milestone 2

Where: Institut Telecom Mines ParisTech, 46, rue Barrault - 75013 Paris, France

When: Tuesday - Wednesday 11 - 12 September 2012 

Agenda: To download your copy of the agenda, please click here

Patrick PetitKickoff MeetingMarc Levrier

Jul 26 2012

XLcloud Technical Workshop: Thursday July 26, 2012

XLcloud Technical Workshop

Where and When?

Date: July 26, 2012 from 9am to 7pm at Institut Télécom rue Barrault, room  C47.


Read the full agenda

Required Attendees

Technical Committee members.

Open to all XLcoud members.









Jun 20 2012

GPU virtualization in XLcloud

During the last GTC, NVidia has announced its new generation of cloud computing-enabled GPU chipset, code name KEPLER. Of particular interest with regard to project XLcloud is that for the first time an NVidia technology enables GPU virtualization in the cloud.


Mar 22 2012

Workshop #1

Where and When?

Date: All day March 23th at the Institut Telecom, room E102

During the workshop we will walkthrough and discuss two specification drafts:

  • The XLcloud use cases requirements specification.
  • The XLcloud architecture requirements specification

During the workshop we will also review and discuss the organisation of the project around two deliverables:

  • XLcloud project dependency graph (a PERT chart) describing our software and hardware dependencies
  • An actualized Gantt chart with people assignments to tasks
  • Software inventory showing our external dependencies and the possible license contamination effects of imported open source software.


10h30-11h30 (Bruno Bodin): Présentation et discussion synthèse de l'expression des besoins des cas d'usages

11h30-12h30 (Patrick Petit): Revue et discussion du 1er draft d'architecture de la plate-forme (Software Requirements Specification). Je remettrais une version en milieu de semaine car j'attends encore des inputs de certains partenaire.

12h30-13h30: Déjeuner

13h30-14h30 (Jean-Paul Pigache): Revue et discussion du graphe de dépendance des taches mappées sur un planning de 12 mois allant du 1er avril 2012 au 31 mars 2013 pour SP2, SP3, SP4.

14h30-16h30 (Maris Preda): Revue et discussion du graphe de dépendance des taches mappées sur un planning de 12 mois allant du 1er avril 2012 au 31 mars 2013 pour SP5, SP6, SP7.

16h30-17h30 (Jean-Pierre Laisné/Patrick Petit): Finalisation inventaire des logiciels du projet. Qu'est ce qui est close source, qu'est ce qui est open-source, quelle licence pour les livrables open source du projet ? Y a t'il des licences externes au projet possiblement contaminantes et le cas échéant comment organiser l'architecture du système pour en éviter les effets?

17h30-18h: Conclusion et planification prochaine réunion(s)

Mar 07 2012

Organisation of first workshop

Organisation of our first workshop ...

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