OpenStack via DEVSTACK on FC16

I have tested the complete installation of OpenStack services with the script provided by DEVSTACK

Test done under Fedora Core 16. It must run also on Ubuntu 11.10

Installation is done for a developper usage. It takes sources from OpenStack git repositories, branch and git can be configured.

 1- Installation of devstack

git clone
git branch --track fedora-support  remotes/origin/fedora-support
git checkout fedora-support

2 Creation of a customization file:
/home/roser/devstack/localrc that contains


The lines ENABLED_SERVICES is necessary to disable horizon service activation, which does not work (error of commande syncdb)

If not provided, password are asked by the script

I am not sure the line HOST-IP was necessary

LOGFILE  is in /opt/stack/devstack

3 Check sudo configuration

The script when run as root, creates a stack user and use sudo to perform installation.
I had to remove "requiretty" in /etc/sudoers as I run via puttty

4 Modification of

   TOKEN=`curl -s -d  "{\"auth\":{\"passwordCredentials\":    ...
   replaced with
   TOKEN=`curl -x "" -s -d  "{\"auth\":{\"passwordCredentials\":    ...
(add -x "" to disble proxy )

After that execute ./
It downloads and install all dependencies and then install the services in different sreen (glance, keystone, nova, swift ..)
0 stack
1 g-reg
2 g-api
3 key  
4 n-api
5 n-cpu
6 n-crt
7 n-vol
8 n-net
9 n-sch
10 n-novnc
11 n-xvnc
12 n-cauth
13 n-obj

To reattach the screen session:

screen -R

To move between screen: Ctrl A n (n=numero)

exemple Ctrl A 3 -->keystone service output

Installation is done with keystone authentification configured for all services.

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