XLCloud Git Repositories and Workflows

XLCloud Git Repositories


XLCloud project consists of few separate modules, each of them has its own GIT repository at http://gitorious.ow2.org/xlcloud :

XLCloud Git Workflow

General repositories interconnections


XLCloud project use distributed GIT workflow which is merged and modified version of standard GIT workflows: http://git-scm.com/about/distributed.

XLCloud GIT workflow leverages concept of "pre-tested commits" - in this workflow only continuous integration tool play role of dictator that is allowed to push changes into public blessed (stable) repository. Continuous integration tool performs tests before decision to push code into blessed repo

Internal development team (commiters) are allowed to push code only into integration repository which is intermediate stage in continuous integration process. Internal developers (commiters) playes with this integration repository in subversion like workflow (there is no dedicated integration manager, but each commiter can merge and push code into this repository).

On the other hand community contributors (not xlcloud commiters) work in standard GIT integration manager workflow - they submit their changes through merge requests (pull requests). Such merge requests are reviewed and merged into master branch (in integration repo) by commiters.

Internal dev team (commiters) workflow

TODO - update after successfully setup of Jenkins and XLCloud GIT workflow with blessed and integration repo.

Central repositories (http://gitorious.ow2.org/xlcloud) currently allows pushes from all project developers through ssh protocol.

Please prefix each commit with JIRA key of its issue! (e.g. XLCLOUD-2241 fix for NPE in SomeManager)


Community contributors workflow


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