MCollective Installation


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This page describes how to install and configure the mcollective middleware on the XMS server (mcollective client) and in the stacks (mcollective server + RabbitMQ broker).

Note that because of JIRA-1640, we need the version 2.3.x of mcollective:

RabbitMQ broker
A RabbitMQ broker is automatically started for every project. The RabbitMQ instance has a floating IP address so it can be reached by both mco clients and servers.


  • Install mcollective-client package
  • Edit /etc/mcollective/client.cfg

main_collective = mcollective
collectives = mcollective
libdir = /usr/share/mcollective/plugins:/etc/mcollective/site_plugins
logger_type = console
loglevel = warn
# Plugins
securityprovider = psk
plugin.psk = supersecret
connector = rabbitmq
plugin.rabbitmq.pool.size = 1 =
plugin.rabbitmq.pool.1.port = 63613
plugin.rabbitmq.pool.1.user = xlcloud
plugin.rabbitmq.pool.1.password = xlcloud
plugin.rabbitmq.pool.1.ssl = false
# Facts
factsource = yaml
plugin.yaml = /etc/mcollective/facts.yaml


The stack instances run the mcollective server.

The mcollective package is already installed in XMS-compliant images. Then the configuration is performed in the setup runlist.

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