Preparing XLcloud database

To create an XLcloud database you need to run xms_initial_data_cleanup.sql script that can be found in xlcloud-ci/xms/database/ directory. It simply executes other scripts. Note that your working directory should be the directory where the xms_initial_data_cleanup.sql script is located, or else it might not be able to locate the other scripts. The scripts that actually perform necessary operations are:

  • xms_drop_and_create_db.sql - drops current database and creates empty tables
  • xms-initial-data/repositories.sql - inserts initial public repositories
  • xms-initial-data/stack_blueprints.sql - inserts initial public stack blueprints
  • xms-initial-data/layer_blueprints.sql - inserts initial public layer blueprints
  • xms-initial-data/images.sql - inserts initial public cloud images

All the scripts, except repositories.sql, were created manually. To create repositories.sql, you need to register desired public repositories (e.g. through the XMS Web Console while logged as xlcadmin). It is advised to execute xms_drop_and_create_db.sql script before doing so. After the repositories have been registered, execute following command from the shell:

mysqldump -uxms -pxms -t -c compact xms REPOSITORIES REPO_PROCESSING_EVENTS COOKBOOKS

You can add a copyright notice to the file. Finally, copy the file to xlcloud-ci/xms/database/xms-initial-data/.

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