Running an OpenGL application on a GPU-accelerated Nova Instance (Part 2)

By Guillaume on 27/02/2014 10:54:00

I left the presentation of the part 1 with the promise that I will show you a real 3D application running into a GPU-accelerated instance.

And so, here it is: screencast.

In this screencast you will see the bootstrap of an instance in devstack that has a GPU attached to it. From within the instance, I run an OpenGL benchmark called Heaven from Unigine. The screencast shows that the GPU load is for real thanks to a Ganglia monitoring dashboard. The software at work in this demo is comprised of the NVIDIA GPU GRID driver, TurboVNC, VirtualGL, the Unigine benchmark and Ganglia to visualize the ongoing workload.

Cherry on the cake, the VM is deployed with Heat and Chef Solo using a template you can download from [1].

I hope you will enjoy the Unigine video. It's pretty cool.

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