Kwapi: an energy efficiency architecture

Jan 17 2013

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XLcloud HPC project focuses on providing high performance HPC services, while improving energy efficiency.

This requires to define new OpenStack Nova scheduling strategies that take intelligent placement decisions based on power consumption statistics.
These data are got by consulting the OpenStack Ceilometer collector. It stores in a database the counters published by Ceilometers pollsters.
So we have implemented a new pollster that queries Kwapi, the new energy efficiency architecture.

Kwapi is in fact the infrastructure that connects wattmeters to OpenStack Ceilometer. It comprises two layers:

  • An extensible drivers layer that supports various wattmeters. Wattmeter drivers publishes raw power consumption data on a bus.
  • A plugins layer. By listening to the bus, plugins receive power measurements and process them.
    For example, the API plugin computes kWh, and is queried by Ceilometer pollster, through a secure access based on OpenStack Keystone tokens.
    We have also developed a visualization plugin that builds graphs and displays them in a web interface.

Kwapi is stored on StackForge and a blueprint is available here.

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